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Girl's Youth World Championships
China Win's Girl's Youth World Championships

Pula, Croatia, 30 Sept. - China is a new Girls' Youth World Champion, the Asian girls defeating Brazil in four sets 3:1 (25:23; 25:21; 25:27; 25:22) in Sunday afternoons final in Pula, Croatia.

China's fast play dominated the court in all sets. Even though Brazil had the best blocker of the tournament, Fabiana Claudino, the Chinese attacks were unstoppable on the day.

The final was a close match between the best two youth teams in the world, the result a demonstration of China's better-structured and quicker offence, and more precise serving.

"It was a really tough game. Brazil is a great team," said Huang Xiuqin, Chinese head coach, still feeling the pressure of the match.

"We based our game on very fast actions, so the Brazilians could not stop us easily. This is the main reason we won tonight," said Xiuqin.

Huang Huiping, the Chinese middle blocker, was the standout player of the final and the championship. Don't be surprised if Huiping features as one of the key figures of the Chinese team in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

In the bronze medal match, Poland just held on in a tough five-setter against Italy, claiming a well deserved victory. It was a rematch of the final of 2000 Girls' Youth European Championship 2000, with both teams fielding the same starting line-ups and coaches, but this time there was a different result: Poland winning 3:2 (25:12; 22:25; 25:22; 23:25; 15:10). According to statistics, the Polish team had the advantage in both scoring (attack, block and serve) and non-scoring skills (reception), but they made more errors than the Italians.

The best scorer of the match was Anna Baranska, Polish outside hitter who showed great talent and ability throughout the tournament.

In the playoff for 5th spot, defending champion Japan finished defeated Russia 3:0 (25:17; 25:19; 25:20). Once again Japanese team work, attitude and overall performance stays on the highest level and helped them achieve the victory. Chinese Taipei grabbed the seventh position after a 3 :1 (25:19; 31:29; 14:25; 25:19) victory over Dominican Republic.

Best Scorer : Huang Huiping (CHN)
Best Attacker : Fabiana Claudino (BRA)
Best Blocker : Fabiana Claudino (BRA)
Best Server : Ayako Sana (JPN)
Best Digger : Sara Paris (ITA)
Best Setter : Zhang Qian (CHN)
Best Receiver : Raquele Lenartowicz (BRA)

Final Standings

Final Without Europeans

Pula, Croatia, 29 September 2001. The story from this year Girls' Youth World Championship repeats from the last played two years ago in Madeira (Portugal), where no European team was in the final- Japan and Brazil. Therefore, the semi-final day winners Brazil and China are going to measure their forces in the final match on Sunday, 30 September 2001.

The day began with the semi-final match from the 5th to the 8th place facing the teams of Russia and Dominican Republic. Russia wins with the score 3:1(30:28; 23:25; 25:18; 25:19) and on Sunday is going to play for the fifth place, while the team from Dominican Republic will play for the seventh position against Chinese Taipei.

A defending champion Japan beats Chinese Taipei 3:0 (25:22; 25:19; 25:20) in a game where dominated both teams' excellent defense. Chinese Taipei had 11 more mistakes on their side and they lost this Asian competition.

After a great fight Brazil gets to play in the final. They defeated Poland 3:1 (22:25; 25:22; 25:17; 25:22). Brazil and Poland, both showed very good volleyball on this championship, but today Brazil had more luck. Why more luck? Mainly, because in the beginning of third set, when the score in sets was 1:1, first Polish setter could not continue to play due to her twisted ankle. The best Polish play organizator, Milena Sadurek, stays hurted on the bench, and her team has no formula to succeed Brazilian play. Latino Americans begins to dig the impossible, and their strongly constructed game showed no mercy for the opponents. Poland block completely breaks down and Brazil takes the victory.

In the second semifinal match for medals Italy loses to China with the score 1:3 (22:25; 25:18; 16:25; 15:25). Overall, Chinese play was superior to Italian. Italy shines in the second set when everything functioned perfectly: very good serve receive, fantastic setter and successful middle attackers. Jiang Wei's serve breaks Italian play and brings a big Chinese come back. Two last sets was a real competition between two best scorers of each team, Chinese Huang Huiping and Chiara Di Julio. In this match Chinese girl performed better winning 22 points (with high 65,52% earned in efffective attack), while Italian girl took only 17. So far Italian player leads on the list of best scorers with 59 points, followed by Huang Huiping's 56.

Thus, on Sunday 30 September 2001, for the gold medal are playing: Brazil-China; and for a bronze two European teams: Poland vs. Italy.

Semi-finalists : Poland vs. Brazil And Italy vs. China

Pula, Croatia, 27 September 2001. The quarter-finals' day started with the great Polish victory over Russia 3:0 (27 :25 ; 25 :21 ;25 :18). Polish girls played their best and succeeded a very tall Russian wall. The first two sets were really close, but in the third set Russians couldn't catch the score. In the second set Russia had 16:12, while afterwards Poland gets 11 points in a row, and Russia takes only 2, so it loses the set by 21:25. ²In this match my girls played excellent. Everything that we set up before the game, worked out fine.They had a good block and a fabulous attack, and that's why we won against tall Russian team. Now, we look forward the next match against the winner between Brazil and Dominican Republic², said with a big smile on his face a Polish head coach, Andrzej Pec.

Brazil beats Dominican Republic by 3:1 (22:25; 25:13; 25:22; 25:18) and qualifies as a second semi-finalist. Brazil starts losing a set, but continues to fight. They did not have any problems in the next three sets, mainly because Dominican Republic had many errors and poor defense, so South American team deserves the victory and proceedes to semi-finals. Their head coach Wadson Lima is scared to have Poland in a semi-final round, because today they showed a really good game. Brazil and Poland have already played in the preliminary round, and then Brazil won by 3:2. Who is going to get to the final?

In the third match of the day Italy faced Chinese Taipei. After three sets Italy takes the victory with the result 3:1 (25:17; 25:22; 22:25; 25:22). Even though Chinese Taipei is the shortest team on the championship they had 8 blocks in comparison to 7 Italian. European team made 36 errors, but still won thanks to their two times more effective attackers than the opponent ones. From the total of 61 offensive points which won the Italian team, 40 points made two very tempered hitters today: Chiara Di Julio (24) and Martina Guiggi (16).

A defending champion Japan gets beaten by China 0:3 (23:25; 17:25; 23:25) and loses a chance to fight for a medal. Japanese excellent effort ended with their loss, mainly because Japanese players had a hard time receiving the serve where they realized only 19,9%, compared to Chinese 46,6%. Also, China was better in serving and blocking performance. Japan is playing on Saturday, 29 September for a position between the fifth and the eight place.

The semi-final round for the places 1-4 is playing beween: Poland-Brazil; China-Italy.

The semi-final matches for places between 5-8 is playing: Russia-Dominican Republic; Japan-Chinese Taipei.

Teams From Pula Stronger Than Ones From Rijeka

Pula, Croatia, 26 September 2001. All teams that were playing in Pula in the preliminary round won in the elimination round, and are going to continue the fight for a medal in quarterfinals on Friday, 28 September. In the first match of the day Poland defeated Spain by 3:1 (23:25; 25:22; 25:14; 25:18). Poland lost the first set mainly because they could not pass the ball, and in general there were too many errors on their side. In the second set they were more concentrated, so they did not have any problems winning other three sets.

Italian team played Argentina. Squadra Azzuri won with the result 3:0 (25:18; 25:18; 25;23). In the first two sets of the match Italy played confidently, but in the third set the players were a little bit tense. Argenitina's team was ahead at the score 20:18, but ended up losing it by 23:25.

Japan and Korea met in the third elimination match. Japan takes the victory with the score 3:1 (22:25; 25:15; 25:21; 25:17). This was the most interesting match of the day, match were both teams strived to give their best until the end. Japan loses first set, but not the desire to succeed. In the next three sets Korea was slightly behind, and they ended up defeated by 3:1.

The hosting team lost by Dominican Republic 1:3 (21:25; 25:23; 23:25; 19:25). It was a hard match for Croatia. ²We are the youngest team on the tournament, and girls are inexperienced, that is the main reason for our loss. My girls could not stop the player Prisilla Rivera, while she was hitting very strong. Overall, Dominican Republic played better and they deserved this victory.², were Croatian head coaches' (Pero Bozic) words after the match.

Looking back at the pools from the preliminary round, happened something very unusual- pool B gave even three quarter-finalists: Russia, Japan and Dominican Republic.

Teams that earned the first place in their pools also played today as the representatives of the seeding group. China showed a fabulous volleyball playing against Brazil, and beating them 3:0 (25:21; 25:13; 25:22). Chinese were playing an excellent defense, and as well it should be acknowledged a Chinese setter, Zhang Qian, who did a great job in organizing the fast and concise play. Brazilian team played without the motivation they showed in a preliminary games.

The day ended with facing the other two teams from the seeding group, Russia who according to statistics, after the preliminary round was the best team receiver, and Chinese Taipei who was leading with the best service. Chinese Taipei was serving good in this match and brought some problems to Russian receivers, but European team had better hitting and blocking percentage and successfuly finished the game with the score 3:0 (25:15; 25:17;25:22).

On Friday, 28 September 2001, in quarterfinal matches will meet the following pairs: Russia-Poland; Brazil-Dominican Republic; Chinese Taipei-Italy; China-Japan.

7th Girls' Youth World Championship. Preliminary Round. Day 3.

Two Asian Teams In A Play-off Round Seeding Group

Pula, Croatia, 24 September 2001. On the last day of the preliminary round most of the teams knew that they are going to the play-offs, but they did not know how they are going to be placed. Finally, after three days of competition, we have teams of Chinese Taipei, Russia,China and Brazil as top placed teams. They are going to play a play-off round in the seeding group, while second and third placed teams from each pool are going to the elimination group.

Young Asian players performe very good volleyball on this tournament. All four teams from this continent are going to the play-off round, while China and Chinese Taipei are qualified straight to the quarter finals.

In pool A Spain sends Kenya home beating them 3 :0 ( 25 :13, 25 :19, 25 :15). Kenya stays without winning a set in this tournament.

A hosting team of Croatia lost against Chinese Taipei with a result of 0:3 (22 :25 ; 16 :25 ; 20 :25). Croatia played really bad winning only the total of 58 points, out of what 23 were opponents errors. In the pool B Russia defeated a very strong Japanese team by 3 :2 (25:22; 15:25; 24:26; 25:22; 15:10). Russian team had a lot of troubles winning this match. Japanese strong defense digged many Russian tough hits, but after five sets European team finally succeeded.

The Belarus started good, and was up by 2:0 in sets, and they needed a victory of 3:0 in order to go to the next round. The third set was decisive. Dominican Republic team was ahead until 24:20, but Belarus cought them and was leading with 25:24 and 26:25, but they ended by losing it. In the same set Belarus lost a point by getting a yelow card because of the late substitution, probabily the point that they were missing at the end.

In firts two sets Brazil did not have any problems with Poland, but then Polish team tied up 2:2 in sets. In a tie-break the score was close until 13:13 when Brazil won two points in a row and won set, match and the first place in pool C.

Italy continues to the next round by winning the Czech Republic 3:1 (25:27 ; 25 :22 ; 25 :18 ; 25 :23). All three teams from the pool D, China, Argentina and Korea, proceede to play, as they are in three instead of four teams in each pool. China, with their big victory over Korea 3 :2(25 :18 ; 22 :25 ; 17 :25 ; 25 :16 ; 15 :13), showed a good attack skills and stated clear their goal. ²My girls can do much better, our defense and blocking were quite bad, but our attack functioned better than in first two matches. Our goal is to go to the final round.², said a little bit disappointed Chinese head coach, Huang Xiuqin following the match.

The teams from Belarus, Kenya and Czech Republic arrived fourth in their groups, so they are leaving the tournament.

Dominican Republic Defeated Defending Champion

Pula, Croatia, 23 September 2001. Dominican Republic was today's biggest sensation beating the defending champion Japan 3:2 (23:25; 21:25; 25:22; 25:16; 15:12). The team from Japan was winning 2:0 in sets when girls from Dominican Republic woke up and brought insecurity to the Japanese well-organized play. Hitters from Dominican Republic became unpredictable for a Japanese defense- their best weapon, and that led to a score 2:2 in sets. In a tie-break Japanese players had 12:11, but then they lost four points in a row and the entire match.

The other two teams from the pool B, Belarus and Russia, did not show an interesting match. Belarus had 33 errors and that was enough for the Russian team to win by 3:0 (25:20; 25:23; 25:23).

Russian team needs to take only one set from the Japanese to get the first place in the pool, while Belarus has to win 3:0 against Dominican Republic to proceede to the play-off round.

Today, in pool C Polish team played terrific and defeated Italy by 3:0 (25:21; 25:15; 25:17). Girls from Poland were focused through the entire match, and they played an excellent defense. ²Everything worked out fine, especially blocking, so I am very satisfied with our game today², said their head coach Andrzej Pec after the match. The best scorer on the Polish team was a player Anna Baranska making 15 points out of 50 attempts. While on the Italian side of the court, Chiara Di Julio won 13 points out of 38 attempts.

Brazil defeated Czech Republic by 3:0(26:24; 25:20; 25:17), and is looking forward tommorow's match against Poland for the first position in the group C.

In a pool A Chinese Taipei won Kenya by 3:0 (25:15; 25:17; 30:28), and a hosting Croatian team defeated Spain by 3:1 (25:12; 25:21; 19:25; 25:22). This means that tommorow Croatia and Chinese Taipei are going to play for the first place in the pool A, while the winner between Spain and Kenya earns a third position in the pool and goes to play-offs.

China started playing the second day of competiton, and defeated Argentina by 3:0 (25:22; 25:23; 25:20). Argentina yesterday won against Korea, so China has a big chance to finish as first in pool D, if they beat Korea tommorow. However, all three teams continue to play-offs.

Big Matches In Pool C

Pula, Croatia, 22 September 2001- The greatest match on the Day 1 of the 7th Girls' Youth World Championship was between the Italian and Brazilian team that compete in the pool C. Brazilian team berely won by 3:2 (25:23; 19:25; 25:19; 21:25; 15:10).

From the very beginning of the first set Italian team was ahead until the result of 21:21 when Brazilians caught Italian girls and ended the first set. After the result 2-2 in sets, started the fifth and decisive set. In this set Italian team started with big 3:0. Then Brazilians tied on 7:7 and turn this set in their advantage until the final result of 15:10.Both teams showed excellent volleyball and won the one with more confidence.

The match between other two teams in pool C, Poland and Czech Republic, was also interesting. This match was very tight even though the result does not sound tight. The Polish team won by 3-0, while the Czech team was ahead every set almost until the end of the set. Polish confidence won over Czech.

After the game Czech head coach Ales Novak was disapointed and he commented his team's lost: ²My team did not have a head to finish the set. Probably, this is due to their lack of confidence². Polish head coach Andrzej Pec was not satisfied with this match and he said that his girls can do much better, but that they were probably scared because it was their first match in this championship.

In the pool B the defending champion Japan defeated a team from Belarus by 3:1 (25:18; 25:22; 20:25; 25:18). Japanese players performed an incredible defense and showed an excellent team organization on the court. Japan is a serious candidate to go to final round.

Other two teams from the pool B, Dominican Republic and Russia, did not show great volleyball. After four sets Russia won 3:1 (16:25; 25:7; 25:15; 25:19) mainly because of too many errors on the other side of the court.

In pool A a hosting Croatian team defeats Kenya 3:0 (25:15; 25:16; 25:8). Croatian team is looking forward the next match against Spain, because they are aiming to win their pool. Today, Spain was defeated in three sets (25:19; 25:13; 25:21) by Chinese Taipei.

In pool D, Korea lost against Argentina 0:3 (17:25, 23:25; 21:25), but still it has chances to proceede its competition to play-offs because in this pool are just three teams instead of four.

Elimination Playoff

Date Teams Set Result per set (points)
1 2 3 4 5
05-Sep CZE-KOR 2-3 27-25 25-21 28-30 18-25 10-15
05-Sep GER-TPE 2-3 25-20 25-19 21-25 23-25 11-15
09-May ALG-CRO 0-3 15-25 14-25 17-25    
05-Sep DOM-ARG 0-3 26-28 23-25 18-25    

Preliminary Round
Pool A
Rk Code Country Points Matches Sets
Won Lost Won Lost Ratio
1 ITA Italy 6 3   9   MAX
2 DOM Dominican Rep. 5 2 1 6 4 1.500
3 ALG Algeria 4 1 2 3 7 0.429
4 VEN Venezuela 3   3 2 9 0.222
Pool B
Rk Code Country Points Matches Sets
Won Lost Won Lost Ratio
1 TUR Turkey 6 3   9 4 2.250
2 CRO Croatia 5 2 1 8 5 1.600
3 ARG Argentina 4 1 2 4 8 0.500
4 CUB Cuba 3   3 5 9 0.556
Pool C
Rk Code Country Points Matches Sets
Won Lost Won Lost Ratio
1 BRA Brazil 6 3   9   MAX
2 GER Germany 5 2 1 6 5 1.200
3 CZE Czech Republic 4 1 2 5 6 0.833
4 USA U.S.A. 3   3   9  
Pool D
Rk Code Country Points Matches Sets
Won Lost Won Lost Ratio
1 CHN China 6 3   9   MAX
2 KOR Korea 5 2 1 6 3 2.000
3 TPE Chinese Taipei 4 1 2 3 6 0.500
4 POL Poland 3   3   9  

LAUSANNE, Switzerland 18 June 2001 - Results of the Drawing of Lots for the 2001 Girls' Youth World Championship that will be played between 22 and 30 September 2001 in Rijeka and Pula, Croatia, are now known.

Final Pool Distribution
Pool A - Croatia (CRO); Peru (PER); Kenya (KEN); Spain (ESP)
Pool B - Russia (RUS); Japan (JPN); Dominican Republic (DOM); Belarus (BLR)
Pool C - Brasil (BRA); Italy (ITA); Poland (POL); Czech Republic (CZE)
Pool D - China (CHN); Korea (KOR); Argentina (ARG); Puerto Rico (PUR)

Match Order - Preliminary Round
Saturday 22 September 2001
Pool A - KEN v CRO; PER v ESP
Pool B - JPN v BLR; DOM v RUS
Pool C - POL v CZE; ITA v BRA
Pool D - PUR v CHN; KOR v ARG

Sunday 23 September 2001
Pool A - CRO v ESP; KEN v PER
Pool B - BLR v RUS; JPN v DOM
Pool C - CZE v BRA; POL v ITA
Pool D - CHN v ARG; PUR v KOR

Monday 24 September 2001
Pool A - PER v CRO; ESP v KEN
Pool B - DOM v BLR; RUS v JPN
Pool C - ITA v CZE; BRA v POL
Pool D - KOR v CHN; ARG v PUR

Within 15 days after the drawing of lots, the Organiser will prepare the match calendar including match times and venues and submit them to the FIVB for approval.

Sixteen teams have been qualified to compete in Pula & Rijeka, Croatia, 22
- 30 Sept. 2001:

Organiser: CROATIA
Through Qualification Tournaments:




Drawing of Lots for the Girls' event will be held on Saturday 16th June
2001 - Rijeka, Croatia,

Lausanne, Switzerland, 26th April 2001 - The teams qualified for the 2001 Girls' Youth World Championship to be held in Pula, Rijeka (Croatia) from September 22nd to 30th 2001 are now known. These teams were qualified through continental championships held through 2000 to 2001.

Organiser CROATIA

South America





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